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At mingschina.com, we are a family run, and also a family centered organization. Our work over the past two decades has been all about growing, enriching and fulfilling families wants and needs like yours.

When you travel to China with us or we help you adopt a Chinese child, we’ll welcome you into our large extended family of people whose lives we’ve impacted in many special and wonderful ways since 1994.

When you travel to China with Ming, it’s a family journey for them, as well as for you, She’ll take you to her relative’s house for an authentic meal, because it’s her goal to not only ensure a worry-free trip for you and your family, but help you appreciate and understand the homeland she loves.

Ming’s husband Guang is a tai chi master who will bring you to the Great Wall of China and guide you to an energizing exercises which has taken him a lifetime of dedication to perfect.

Even their 12-year-old son Aaron gets involved, showing you and your children how to fly kites and learn Chinese yo-yo, right in the middle of Tienanmen Square.

Other companies just take you on a trip. Ming and her family will touch your heart forever with an experience you’ll remember and treasure for the rest of your life.



Ming Hua He


For over 20 years, Ming has organized and led tours to China, and these tours have given her the opportunity to share her deep love for her homeland.

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GuangZhi Xing

Tour Manager and Leader

Guang is a tai chi master and the owner of the Yin Yang Taijiquan Academy. He grew up in Northern part of China and speaks mandarin.

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Jean He

Beijing Office Manager and Orphanage Liaison

Ming’s sister Jean is in charge of our Hearts to China project and communication with orphanage directors.

She arranges orphanage visit, gets update information for adoptive families and has an excellent relationship with local and provincial civil affairs offices throughout China.

Jenny Wu

Xian Guide

Jenny has been working with adoptive families and regular tours in Xi’an since 2001. She is a passionate guide and a professional tour manager.

She has a wide range of knowledge of China. On her tours, everyone can enjoy thousands of stories about Chinese history and local best food.

Sandy S. Meriden, CT
Jenny is the No. 1 leader in Xi’an. She is knowledgeable and always pleasant!

Judy Peng

Xi’an Jiang Guide

Judy works in our Urumqi Office in Xingjiang. She has ten years experience in the travel industry.

She is very connected with Xingjiang welfare institutes.

V. Goalen a foster parent
I am not sure we ever told you how awesome our experience was in Urumqi. We had 2 awesome guides and a great driver. Very professional and personable. Everything went very well. Thanks for all you do also!

Jane Xie

Jiangsu Guide

Jane has helped more than 500 adoptive families who were from US, Australia, Norway, Finland and Spain since 1996.

Jane enjoys working with families and children.

D. Tully
Jane is the best guide! We love her! She is very caring and professional. We had a wonderful time in Nanjing.

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