Meet Ming

For over 20 years, Ming has organized and led tours to China, and these tours have given her the opportunity to share her deep love for her homeland.

Through Chinese Cultural Exchange, her organization has introduced thousands of people to the wonders of China. People commonly tell us that their tour was a life-changing experience. According to one participant, “Every day, every hour, and every moment was meaningful,, enjoyable, and memorable.” Years after their tour, many participants continue to rave about their experiences, and many people have returned to China with us a second and even third time.

Two decades ago, Ming found her calling when she was the youngest instructor at her college and was selected to head the first Chinese cultural college program sponsored by the province of Alberta in Canada. In this position, she taught Chinese language classes and traveled with students to many sites in China, popular landmarks and places off the beaten path. During this memorable trip, they climbed previously untouched sections of the Great Wall, lived in a Mongolian yurt, and visited rural villages to explore the life of Chinese farmers. This trip changed her profoundly. She learned about the importance of allowing people of different backgrounds to make connections and learn from each other. She also discovered a passion for building bridges between China and the western world.

In 1988, Ming moved to Connecticut to study at Trinity College where she was rewarded a full scholarship. That year she organized the school’s first Chinese New Year Celebration. Then they celebrated “Little China” in 1994 and started the “Taste of China” 1996 and the Year of Tiger Celebration in CT in 1997, where over 500 people attended this event. In 1998 Ming founded the Chinese Cultural Exchange and the following year, CCE celebrated the first Moon Festival with Families with Children from China and started the first Chinese Language school for adopted children.

As the director of Chinese Cultural Exchange, she personally design each itinerary and lead most of the trips to China. In addition to the tours she has planned, she is very proud of her work as an adoption consultant.

She has helped hundreds of families fulfill their dreams and traveled to China. On every trip, she has arranged time to do something special, such as visiting a kindergarten, a local market, or a local family, or making dumplings with Chinese families, getting a facial massage, or attending a tea ceremony.

“After each tour, I am overwhelmed with heartfelt thank-you letters. I am very fortunate to have found work that allows me to show others how incredibly beautiful and fascinating a place China is.”

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