China Tours

Ming’s knowledge of China, its people and its wonderful culture is unparalleled in the tour industry, and the bridges she’s built between the U.S. and her own country allow her to offer experiences no one else can.
Imagine if you can visit an orphanage like the one from which you received your daughter, and be able to volunteer there and care for children yourself!
Or picture your high school band performing on the Great Wall! And, your students visiting and learning at a Chinese school!
And consider the positive changes you’ll experience in your life and health after spending a couple weeks practicing tai chi with our master throughout the China countryside!
Ming welcomes any and all travelers to journey with her to her beloved homeland, and to continue that journey for a lifetime as her friends.

Homeland Tours

Cultural Tours

Music Tours


Can’t find what you are looking for?  You don’t have to compromise; do exactly what you want to do!
Let us help you tailor your own China experience with a Customized Tour.

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