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You may work with us to obtain your People’s Republic of China tourist visa. We can usually obtain the visa faster and easier than if you do it on your own.


If you wish to obtain your own visa, bear in mind that an old one you have probably won’t be valid. Most tourist visas are valid for only
one entry. Travelers require a new visa for additional entries into China. Chinese authorities fine those who arrive without a visa up to 5,000 renminbi (about $600 U.S.) at the port of entry and may not allow them to enter China.


Tourist visas for individuals cost is $140 and are routinely issued at Chinese embassies or consulates abroad. You can apply for a visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in Washington D.C., Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, or San Francisco.


To apply, you must apply in person or through a visa agent with your application form, valid passport, two photographs and fees. CCE can help you to apply for your visa.  Our fee is $50, plus visa fee of $140 and postage.


Please mail in the following documents to CCE within 90 days before your departure to apply for your visa:
  • Actual passport, signed, has sufficient* validity and one blank visa page. *Passport Remaining Validity Required: 15 months for 12 months visa, 9 months for 6 months visas, minimum validity of 6 months required for Single Entry Visa.
  • Non-US passport holder applying for multiple entry visa must also supply a photocopy of US Green Card.
  • One completed and signed Visa Application Form per person
  • One recent “2 x 2” passport photo per person
  • Check made payable to CCE with proper amount.


Regular Service Visa Application Fee Schedule


REGULAR  1  $130  $30  FEDEX NEXTDAY $19  $178
REGULAR  2  $130  $30  FEDEX NEXTDAY $19  $178
REGULAR  6M MULTIPLE  $130  $50  FEDEX NEXTDAY $19  $198
REGULAR  12M MULTIPLE  $130  $50  FEDEX NEXTDAY $19  $198



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