Accessibility in China

China has come a long way, but more is needed in improving access to public parks, museums, and national monuments. It is still not as advanced with regards to wheelchair access and access for the physically disabled. Larger cities that have changed their sidewalk systems have been adding ramps and walkway tiles for the for the blind.  CCE is committed in assisting in helping those with disabilities enjoy their trip.

Useful Information:
  • Airports accessibility is the same as the Western airports.
  • Buses and trains in China do not have lifts.
  • Hotels will generally have ramps at the entrance, but some will not. Most hotels will be suitable for wheelchairs. Most hotel bathrooms will be small and will lack the safety bars to hold on too.
  • Restaurants are often on the second floor of the hotel or restaurants. Most restaurants with less than five floors will not have an elevator.
  • Restrooms at most tourist sites, museums, restaurants still uses the “pit-style” toilets. Many doorways will be too narrow to accommodate a wheelchair. The same situation would be true for trains. More and more places are adding westerns toilets.
  • Surfaces for pushing a wheelchair can be a challenge such as the sidewalks, streets and ancient locations are often cobblestones. Major attractions as as the Forbidden City, Great Walls, etc offers no ramp.

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