What to Pack For Your Tour

We’ve put together a packing list for you to use as you get ready for your trip.


Luggage Shoulder Bag or backpack Luggage ID tags Personal ID and/or driver’s license Cash / Credit cards Traveler’s checks Passport with Chinese Visa Passport carrier / money pouch Air tickets – confirmed with seat assignments
Telephone cards Health insurance card Emergency contact information Address book – mailing labels Phrase books and guide books Maps Tour itinerary Contact Info for CCE in China
Soap Toilet paper / tissue packets Medicines and prescriptions Vitamins Shampoo Comb / Brush Toothbrush and Toothpaste Sunscreen Antibacterial gel
First Aid Kit Extra prescription glasses Sunglasses Feminine hygiene products Disposable razors Shaving cream Aftershave Watch / Alarm clock
Rain gear or seasonal jacket comfortable walking shoes Athletic shoes Sandals in summer Swimsuits Shirts T-shirts Slacks

Jeans Shorts Underwear Socks Hats Belt Pajamas or Nightgown One nice outfit for dinner show
Diapers and diaper wipes Toys and books Bottles, brushes and accessories
Medications Formula Clothing
Camera Film or memory cards Water bottle Insect Repellent Travel Journal
Video camera, batteries, tapes Film or memory cards small flashlight Voltage adapter and plug adapter

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