Don’t take our word for it.  Take a  moment to review what several of our happy customers have said about their  China experience with us.
Sue MA
It  was a pleasure to finally meet you and your family. I want to thank you for such a wonderful trip to China. We had such an amazing and memorable time. Thank you for all the extra special touches that you added with the Chinese yo yo the flute, the jump roping and seeing the local culture, parks the penpals there is so much that you added I can’t believe all we saw and did the trip was so much more than a tour. Your family being there really added to the trip you are all very kind and thank you for being so attentive.

Thank you again for such a wonderful trip.

Nancy. MA
We were very pleased with our trip and will (and already have) recommend you to others planning heritage trips.  You set high expectations for our trip and met them in every way. Thanks so much for creating the trip of a lifetime for me and my family.

Sharon PA

 W e really enjoyed the companionship of the other families, during the group part of the tour. We also really enjoyed Ming and Greg’s hospitality. Ming and Greg truly cared about the children, and made the trip very kid-friendly. They also incorporated small lessons to the children about life in China, which touched on the probable reasons they were placed for adoption. These were handled in a sensitive way, that was not heavy-handed. Above all, the kids had fun, and so did we!

There were some areas in which Ming went above and beyond to attend to our needs. I had a medical problem, early in the trip (an eyelid infection), and I hesitated to call Ming in the middle of the night, but we had a big day of touring planned, and I did not want to disrupt the group in the morning. She went with me to a hospital, at 4AM (cheerfully, I might add), and we, fortunately, located an international medical clinic, where I was seen by a doctor, and prescribed eyedrops. A day or so later, I realized I also needed oral antibiotics, which I had taken for a similar infection, in my other eye, a few months previously. Our guide took me to a pharmacy (after I confirmed the type and dosage I needed, with my brother, a doctor, via e-mail), where I got the medication over-the-counter.

Right before we left Guilin, we learned that, because of circumstances beyond our control (and Ming’s), major changes had to be made to our travel arrangements, for the next several days. Our flight to Nanchang had been cancelled, creating a domino effect-we needed not only to rebook the flight, but to change hotel reservations, train tickets, and reschedule visits to both the girls’ orphanages. Ming handled everything, and it was all “fixed” before we even knew there had been a problem. Our trip not only was seamless, but the change of arrangements actually worked out better. We ended up spending a day in Guangzhou, which gave us a chance to rest and relax, before we embarked on the visits to the girls’ home provinces.

The Fearnley Family Virginia
 M ing –we are still talking about the wonderful time we had with your guides in China in June. Do you know anyone that does a child oriented tour in Europe? The Fearnleys.

Ming-thanks just make sure they are geared to children like you are. I will tell you about our trip and you can use any part of it for a testimonial. As you know we traveled to China to show our 10 year old daughter her beautiful country of birth . We were more than satisfied by our tour with you. All of our guides were informative, personable & helpful with all of our needs. We were able to visualize China in a totally different way than when we were adopting. Meeting the people and visiting in various homes was a fabulous highlight. Madison’s orphanage visit & meeting with her foster mother gave her a sense of her 3 years in China. She has a higher self esteem since she has come home because she now has a feeling of belonging and of being loved before she became ours. This is a gift we could not have given her without your help. Thanks for a wonderful memory!

Deanna. Connecticut
Hi Ming,

I wanted to thank you for creating such a great trip for parents and for children.  We had a wonderful time and so did Jonathan.  He is still talking about running on the Great Wall.  It was nice to have adoptive families to share this adventure with and especially nice for Jonathan to have other children to play with.  I don’t think that the trip would have been as meaningful to him if there were no other children on it.  They kept him from being too bored.

We appreciated the time and energy you and Greg put into making this a trip full of culture, and activities that helped to connect the children with the sights that we were seeing.   Your availability made us feel confident that any problems would be dealt with.  The trip went smoothly for us while you were with us and we liked the pace which moved us along from one place to another so that we saw many sights.  I would not have wanted to miss the ambience of the hotel in Xian and the one in SuZhou.

Dennise Connecticut
 The trip was wonderful from beginning to end. Ming and Guang – you are the best! My favorite places were Emei Shan and Wudang Shan because of the natural settings and the temples. Having 6 people who speak Chinese and understand China was very special. They helped us understand what was going on both in terms of language and culture – that was a real gift. Also enjoyed doing tai chi and qi gong in outdoor settings. Oh! and your son, Aaron. He is a wonderful boy and I enjoyed him very much.The food was fabulous – I have never eaten so well in my life. I can’t imagine what else you could have done to make it better and keep it at that price point. Thank you, Ming and Guang for a wonderful opportunity to experience China!

I have fallen in love with China and want to go back.

Sheila J. Connecticut
What a trip!!! Thank you again for all the time and thought you put into making it so perfect. While the local guides were knowledgeable and helpful, it was the two of you who took overall responsibility for coordinating everyone, overseeing the many details and guiding us with your insight and enthusiasm. I appreciate all the effort you invested in our having the ultimate China experience. I know it was exhausting! There are many highlights that will always be with me. Taichi on the Great Wall, the breath-taking views of Wudang Mountain, our elegant “last supper” and dancing along the street of Wuhan … to name a few. Above all, experiencing the Chinese culture close up and from different perspectives was very meaningful.

The Carters Virgina

For starters, let me say that the trip far exceeded our expectations.  We saw some of the most incredible sights in the world –  the very pretty and showy side of China –  and we also witnessed some of the “real life” side of China that many never see.  Visiting real homes in Beijing and Xi’An was a real highlight of the trip.  Interacting with genuine families was very special, and it presented our girls with a great glimpse of what their lives could have been like had they remained in China.   The sight-seeing was also incredible, especially the Great Wall and the Li River.   Of course, the girls adored the panda reserve in Chengdu.

As a whole, the trip was absolutely incredible, and your hard work in planning it was evident in every step of the journey.  Thank you so very much, Ming.

Richard L. Connecticut
The trip was very good–as I knew it would be.I would recommend any trip that Ming and Guang organize. My favorite parts of the trip were the Temples, the food, and the mountains–in no particular order.Seeing the amazing sword performance in the train station was an unexpected bonus. I think the trip was well worth the price and the effort. Ming did a great job.


Laurie & Phil B. Connecticut
Iam writing to thank you all for making our tour such a wonderful experience. Each and everyone of you contributed to our enjoyment, especially in the help that you gave Phil and by aiding Phil, you also helped me. Not being used to having help, the simple act of kindness of carrying a bag, a jacket etc for us was truly appreciated. As we were told on the walk up to the Great Wall, I tell you now, “I (we) will remember you”. I have started writing up a journal of the trip and must make a determined effort to set aside some time each day to work on it while the memories are still relatively fresh in my mind. Once that is completed, I can then move on to editing the photos. I hope that by now, if you lost power last weekend, that it has been restored and that your property did not suffer any damage. Best wishes from Laurie and Phil Best
Lisa P. Connecticut
I truly enjoyed the trip! I LOVED the country, its people, the sights, sounds and food! I also enjoyed my fellow travelers and my guides, Ming, Guang and of course, little Aaron! I thought it was an eye opening experience into a culture of which I really did not know much. I am incredibly happy that I went on this trip. My favorite places were the Great Wall (I could have spent more time there!), the mountains and Buddhist temples, and Chengdu. The food was fabulous!! I thought you did an incredible job of ordering different foods and providing us with a taste of everything. The transportation was fine. I will absolutely recommend any tours that Ming offer.
Marion Kingsbury Connecticut
The only one word with which I can describe this trip is “spectacular.” In the space of 2 days in Beijing we had such a full and varied experience – from Tian an men Square – The Forbidden City, the Summer Palace-The Temple of Haven-China Opera and Acrobatics, etc, etc, – an excellent and comfortable hotel – I am grateful that the ambiance was Chinese, not some western type high-rise. This ship has been another wonderful superest Chinese Icon, comfortable, hospital. Everything has been so well planned … from guides and transportation, to sight seeing, meals, the best possible experience everywhere. I am grateful to Guang and Ming for their meticulous planning and would hope to travel with them again someday. Thank you so much for everything!
L. Bogdanski Connecticut
Our trip to China was a true feast for the senses and the soul. Due to the extraordinary planning and scheduling by Guang and Ming along with China Travel Services, our group was able to truly experience China. To touch the Great Wall, to smell incense in the ancient Buddhist temples, to see the opulence of the Forbidden City and to hear the riotous Chinese wonderful men, women and children we met in the schools and parks that we visited gave us all a very special feeling of “connection” to our new friends who live in that very ancient, mysterious and fascinating land that is China.
L. Beckering Connecticut
Many people have said that this was a trip of a lifetime. In many ways it was-I just hope it is not my last such trip. I still have many years left to explore and have adventures such as the one I was lucky enough to be part of. Thank you for the many opportunities you created and shared with us.
V. Petsagourakis Connecticut
You deserve all our thanks. You both did a fabulous job and did it with so much heart! Your hospitality and generosity of spirit are the seeds for understanding and peace between countries and cultures. We can never thank you enough for that!


D. Cormack Connecticut
 The trip was amazing journey into old China and the newly emerging China.  We were very fortunate to have you guide us though these adventures.  You were everything to everybody.  Thank you for being a good friend.
B. Macri Connecticut
Words alone cannot express our sincere gratitude for your hard work and dedication. You are both beautiful people and the relations between China and the USA people are better because of you. Thank you for allowing us to learn to love your country.


B. Bellafiore Connecticut
Thank you for both the wonderful trip and the special gift of yourselves you gave so generously. I especially appreciate your loving support of me in my moment of need.
T.Tedford Connecticut
The trip was great as usual. I especially enjoyed the free time that we have to spend time with the local folks. I can’t wait for the next one that I can make.
K. Groot Connecticut
This trip far exceeded my expectations.  It was first class in accommodations, and fun.  I am amazed at the organization and timeliness of the many activities.  I traveled alone and always felt safe, secure and comfortable.  I appreciate the great attention put into details.  All buses, guides and tours were both fun and educational.  I learned a lot about China, history and culture and the lives of people in our group.   I would travel with you again anytime.  I was glad to use my emergency training on one flight for a medical emergency.  See you again I hope.  Thank you for a wonderful adventure of a lifetime.
Susan and Bill F Connecticut
Our leader, Guang was the best because not only was the trip arranged with excellent accommodations, but he added a deeper meaning to what most tourists consider highlights.  He explained places, customs, and history so that we understood China better than the average tour.  Our specialist guides were also excellent, but our trip leader really brought it all together!  Plus, tai chi classes on the ship!  He was always concerned that everyone was happy and safe.  I am grateful that I have had this opportunity to see this county and this river before the irrevocable changes which will take place in 2003. Guang, Xie Xie (Thank you)
L. Weiss Connecticut
China never ceases to amaze me. Wonderful, rich culture and long history, yet rapid modern development. I will remember the trip on the Yangtze River forever. The scenery is awe-inspiring and the work on the dam is quite impressive. Beijing and Shanghai have changed significantly since I was last there. Both have modernized dramatically. As always, though, the people are friendly and welcoming. What a wonderful trip. Thank you Ming and Guang
A. Boccaccio Connecticut
Traveling in China was one of the greatest experiences of my life! Walking on ground where such an ancient civilization prospered, struggled and prospered again is, indeed, a humbling experience. From the ancient structures of the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs, to the buildings of modern commerce and the great hotels, China represents a cultural experience not be missed
A. Berlinski Connecticut
 Thank you again for arranging that wonderful China trip.  It was a super special experience for me.  Your families and friends were so hospitable and kind, as were all people we met.  We did so many things in so little time.  I’d love to be going with you.
E. Siderides Connecticut
Thank you so much for giving us this gift of your country! Our trip to China was truly amazing and we will never forget-the places we saw, the food we ate, the history we learned, but most important, the wonderful people we met. Xie Xie from the bottom of our heart!
M. Clarke Connecticut
 Having never been to China before, I feel privileged that I was able to travel there with Ming and Guang. It was an opportunity to see China in a way not normally seen by any tourist.  When our airplane arrived in Harbin, our group was met by many of Ming and Guang’s family and friends and associates holding an enormous banner, which read, “Warm Welcome to Harbin, Our American Friends”.  And truly over the next few days these wonderful people shared their history, customs and everyday life with us.  The mystery of China unraveled before my eyes on this enchanting and memorable trip.
P & S Brunelli Connecticut
 Our trip showed us many facets of what China has to offer.  We saw the famous cultural sites, and others that are not visited by many westerners.  From famous national parks and forests, to smaller attractions, our guides gave us the background we needed to appreciate what we were visiting, and allowed us ample time to explore.  Throughout our trip, we felt more like guests than visitors.  A trip to China could have been very intimidating, but we felt at home throughout the trip.  Thanks for making our trip everything we hoped it would be.
A. Miller Connecticut
Truly a trip of a lifetime. Thank you so much for your professionalism and your enthusiasm!! Thank you
M. Dubaz Connecticut
Iwish to say personally thank you for a well-organized excursion trip to China. The Greenwich High School Cultural and Musical Exchange Tour was just superb. I will treasure my memories from each city we visited. I am very happy to have had this positive and enjoyable experience in China. I thank you both
Roxci Connecticut
We would like to thank you both for an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. To see so much as we did in 10 days was incredible. I will cherish so many visual sights of people and culture I knew so little about. Guang, you were a delightful host and made our moving around the country so smooth. Tai chi in the morning on the boat was wonderful and our last dinner in Shanghai was terrific. I am looking forward to our reunion dinner.


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