Greetings from Guilin Social Welfare Institute, Guangxi

Greetings from Guilin SWI!

Dear adoptive families and children,

Thank you very much for giving the children such a warm home, its due to the love and care that you provide to the children that they grow to be caring and loving individuals with a family to love! Their happiness in the most important part of their lives is our only wish. Like you, we will love them forever.

We believe that the love you provide to these children will foster their growth, and allow them to be healthy, strong, confident, and cheerful.

With the Chinese New Year quickly approaching, we extend our Happy Holidays to you and your children, hoping that you will always be happy, with good health, and great success.

Thank You.
Guilin Social Welfare Institute

January 6, 2014

福利院致各收养家庭的慰问信: 亲爱的家长: 你们好! 非常感谢你们给予孩子温馨的家园,感谢这么多年给予孩子们无微不至的爱,让他们在你们的呵护及充满爱和亲情的家庭中成长!他们快乐地成长就是我们最大的心愿!我们像你们一样,永远永远地爱着他们!相信在你们的精心培育及爱的陪伴下,孩子们一定会更加健康、坚强、自信、快乐!在春节来临之际,祝孩子们节日快乐、永远开心!祝家长们身体健康、工作顺利、阖家幸福!

桂林市社会福利院 2014年1月6日

Guilin SWI would love to know how these children are doing:

Name Sex Date of Birth Date of Adoption
Wei Jie F 2000.02.10 2004.01.05
Jiang Wen Xin F 1998.03.17 2004.02.03
Han Zhu Qing F 2003.05.14 2004.11.15
Jiang Wen Wu F 2001.03.11 2001.07.11
Jiang Wen Yuan F 2001.03.29 2006.04.03
Shen Li Xin F 2002.02.18 2006.07.31
Yang Jia Mei F 2004.01.24 2006.07.10
Yang Jing Xiao F 2004.01.20 2006.05.08
Yang Guo Ke F 2004.04.29 2006.12.05
Yang Mei Zhi F 2004.10.19 2004.10.29

If you know the child update, please e-mail to Ming directly at

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