Greetings from Kunming CWI, Yunan Province

Greetings from Kunming CWI!

Dear adoptive families and children,

With the Chinese New Year around the corner, Kunming Children’s Welfare Institute hereby wishes all of you a Happy New Year of the Horse!
Time flies! We still remember the moment when we handed over our children to you. Some cried out loudly, some quickly stopped crying. But you parents were so kind and so warm, stood next to them, cared them with your good heart and gave them best care and selfless love.

We are so grateful for the care, love and education you give to these children. We wish your family a happy and healthy New Year. May all your wishes come true!
We hope that someday your family can come back to visit us. We wish to reunite with your family in Kunming. We thank you for all you have done for these children!

Kunming Children’s Welfare Institute

January 7, 2014

尊敬的收养家庭、孩子: 您们好! 在新年刚过,春节即将来临之际昆明市儿童福利院特写此封信,祝福您们春节快乐,一切安好! 时间过得很快,还记得我们亲手将孩子交给您们的情形,有的孩子哭得很厉害,有的孩子很块就停止了哭泣,而一旁的您们是那么慈祥,那么温暖的看着孩子,给予他们最好,最伟大的爱。包容他们的一切,用行动和语言表达了对孩子最无私的爱。 过去的时间里,因为有您们无微不至的照顾,孩子健康快乐的成长,对此我们深表感激! 在中国传统的春节来临之际,我们衷心祝福您们全家新年快乐!心想事成!好运相伴!一切安好! 另随时欢迎您们在将来的某一天能够回来福利院这个大家庭看看,希望有一天能在次团聚在我们的福利院里,感谢您们所做得一切,再次祝福您们春节快乐!一切安好! 昆明市儿童福利院 2014年1月7日
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Kunming CWI

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