Obtain Copy of Orphanage File

Obtain Copy of Orphanage File

Your child’s orphanage file is the most important information family should keep besides referral info. It varies depending on the orphanage. Some orphanages have moved and do not have any info, some only have a few pages. The most detailed one we got so far is over 100 pages. The file may or may not include the following: finding ad, pictures of clothes when child was found; note left with child, earlier pictures, local police report, registration card with civil affairs, lengthy medical report, x-Ray, foster family or nanny journal…

Standard Cost: $150.00 USD

Including contact with orphanage, payment to orphanage by Postal Money Order for copying of documents costs, mailing of documents to us, scan documents and e-mail to family.

Estimated Cost: To be determined

Estimated cost is determined by our China coordinator’s actual work, including travel, hotel, meals, transportation from capital city to orphanage.

Other cost: To be determined

Certain orphanage has put files to central archives. Provincial civil affairs charges a fee to obtain copy.

How to order:

Please download and complete the orphanage request form below.  Scan the form and e-mail to MingsChina@yahoo.com with a copy of adoption certificate.  We will get back to you within 48 hours with estimated cost and time frame based on the orphanage info.
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