100 Good Wishes Quilt

Gifts with a Chinese and Asian flair, personally hand-picked by Ming!

Note: CCE offers this wonderful quilt as a public service to promote Chinese culture and tradition, and receives no profit from the sale.


According to Ming’s hometown tradition, (China Northeastern region), the “bai jia bei,” or “100 Good Wishes Quilt,” contains good luck, energy and warm wishes.
This lovely quilt is the only authentic, hand-crafted quilt made by “Auntie Feng,” who has been making these quilts for over 30 years, continuing a tradition that her family has passed down for generations.
The machine-sewn quilts are made of 100 separate squares of pre-washed 100% cotton fabric, pieced together and contain a fabric outline of China. Each quilt is personally embroidered with your child’s name in both English and Chinese characters, and can also include their date of birth and a mark on the province where they were born.
Suitable for hanging, these quilts make a wonderful keepsake for your child!

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Cost and Payment

The cost for a beautiful Good Wishes Quilt is $125.00 USD

Your quilt can be delivered in one of 2 ways. Quilts can be:

  • Picked up in Beijing. Quilts will be delivered to your hotel by local guide or quilt maker. Additional Cost: $5.00 USD
  • Shipped to your house. Takes approximately 3-5 weeks to arrive. Additional Cost: $25.00 USD
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Good Wishes Quilt with Beijing Pick Up – Total: $130.00 USD

Good Wishes Quilt Shipped to Home – Total: $150.00 USD


Refund Policy

As this is a personalized item, payments are non-refundable.

In the event of an error and it is our fault, we will provide a replacement for you.

Please make sure all of the information on the order form is correct; especially the child’s Chinese name.

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