Share Your Happiness with Orphanage

Share Your Happiness with Orphanage

Foster families, nannies, caregivers and orphanage doctor and staffs would love to hear from your family. Send your child’s update and pictures to her/his orphanage, let them know your child’s progress and thank them for their care and love to your child in the past. In Chinese we have a proverb: “when drinking water, think of its source.” Share your happiness with them. We can help! Simply e-mail your pictures and thank you letter to us. We will print and label pictures, translate your letter and mail to orphanage. We will call the orphanage and confirm the delivery.

Free Service:

We offer free service for families who wish to send update pictures to their child’s orphanage. Just e-mail your pictures to and we will forward to the orphanage for free.

Other Services

Appreciation Pack 01:


  • Up to 10 of your child’s pictures
  • Your thank you letter (up to 200 words)
  • One Thank You card
  • Cost $20.00 :

    This is a respectful way to present your pictures, thank you letter in Chinese and English to the orphanage.

    Appreciation Pack 02:


  • Up to 10 pictures
  • Your thank you letter (up to 200 words). We translate for free.
  • One Thank You card
  • And your questions to the orphanage (up to 5 questions)
  • Cost $35.00 :

    Take advantage of this service. You can ask questions such as: Does my child has a foster family?, Who examined my child at the orphanage? Does anyone remember my child? Who was her caregiver/nannie? We will mail your pictures, letter and will follow up with them to get your questions answered.

    Any questions, please e-mail directly to Ming at

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