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Suggested Gift List for your orphanage visit

The following is a suggested gift list for your orphanage visit.  Before your trip begin, we will reach out to your child’s orphanage and ask what they needed/wanted.  Sometimes it is better to purchase donations items in China.  Our local guide will make the arrangement and take you shopping in the local city.  

• One small photo album of your child (bring another one if your child has a foster family)
• Multi Vitamins
• Fish oil 
• OLAY body lotion
• Facial moisture lotion
• Hand/body lotion
• Lindt Chocolates (if travel in spring/fall/winter)
• Bracelet engraved with your child’s name
• Artwork from kids in US (framed and ready to hang)
• scarf or gloves
• cosmetics, perfumes
• Nuts (almond nuts, craisins dried cranberries from Costco), other local products from your local area.
• Chocolate covered nuts or raisins.

For older children
• Fruit snacks (Costco, BJ Wholesale Clubs sell big box with small packs inside.)
• Pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners and other school/art supplies.
• Computer for older children

For younger children
• Formula, cereal, diapers, drinking cups, toys, etc.
• Developmental toys, mobiles, crib toys

Any questions, please e-mail directly to Ming at

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